What to Do About Negative Ratings and Reviews

What to Do About Negative Ratings and Reviews

In today‚Äôs Internet-driven world, customers have more power than ever. They share their experiences with the world through social media and online review sites, and they’re not afraid to give you a negative rating. Once a disappointed customer walks out your door, you have little control over what they do next. Often, they’ll complain to a few friends, but customers are also leaving online reviews in increasing numbers.

When a customer leaves a poor review, it’s a signal to you that something is wrong with your business. You are leaving customers unsatisfied and a negative review is their way of getting satisfaction. Customers are not looking for a bad experience. They came to you because they expected something great and you somehow failed miserably to meet their expectations. Their review is a warning to others that they, too, might be unsatisfied.

Negative Reviews keep customers from your door. They lower your score in the search engines like Google and Bing so that fewer people discover your business, and negative results are prominently displayed in search engine results, giving customers the impression that there are problems with the way you treat customers. You might tell yourself that it’s a problem customer, but readers won’t see it that way. They only see a problem business.

The best way to eliminate negative customer experiences is by addressing all customer issues with authority and complete customer satisfaction. Customers would rather have satisfaction than cause harm your business. A bad review is an act of anger or desperation, and it completely avoidable. Your challenge is identifying those unhappy customers and doing something about it before they tell their tale to the world.

They key to eliminating negative reviews is to intercept them before they happen. A visible customer response system will encourage customers to let you know about their positive and negative experiences. But to intercept unhappy customers before they leave negative reviews, your response system has to be immediate. Even a few hours delay may be too late.

Revuzi is a new customer response system that sends a text message with customer contact information to the general manager or business owner whenever negative feedback is submitted. The business manager can respond immediately by calling the customer, discussing the complaint, and resolving it to their complete satisfaction. Giving customers an immediate response makes an unforgettable impression. They know you’re paying attention, in control of your business, and will fix any problem or concern. It gives them confidence, and you can turn their disappointment into delight.

Delighted customers share feedback, too. And when a customer takes time to use your response system to tell you about their great experience, you are presented with a perfect opportunity to leverage their enthusiasm. Ask them to add a review to their favorite business rating site, reward them for sharing a message with their friends on social media, invite them to join your email and text message programs, and give them a reason to return soon. Revuzi does all of that, too.

Businesses are using Revuzi to:

  • Get more repeat customers
  • Get new customers
  • Increase your Facebook Fans
  • Get more positive online reviews
  • Grow email marketing lists
  • Grow SMS text marketing lists
  • Improve customer service
  • Stay informed
  • Know which employees generate positive and negative experiences

The best customer response programs give your customers a way to communicate with you, and in turn provides you with a way to keep in touch with your customers. If your business is consumer retail and you want to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, you need to encourage feedback from your customers who are likely to share their opinions online. They will be your best marketers or your most effective deterrents to new business, depending on how you treat them.

Learn more about Revuzi.

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What to Do About Negative Ratings and Reviews