Search Engine Optimization

Every website in the world is graded by search engines for quality. It’s a highly sophisticated process and a highly competitive market because only the handful at the top for any given search term will see the benefit of visits to their website. Search Engine Optimization is the process of ensuring your website takes advantage of every opportunity to gain a better position in search results.

On-Site Optimization

Onsite optimization your first order of business. This is the process of tuning your website to perform its best when search engines scan your site.  Based on content, your website might deserve to be at the top of Google’s search results for your audience, but if your site isn’t optimized, you won’t rank. The good news is that if you have a well-established web presence, an on-site optimization program can  produce results in as little as 24 hours.

To better understand how on-site search engine optimization can help you, please read about the results we achieved with Canfield Brothers Bikes.

Off-Site Optimization

Among the many factors considered in ranking a website is the relationship made through URL links. These links are sometimes resource listings, directories, social media shares, or references within articles. A website that is known to be dependable provides a good reference, and a website that is known to be unscrupulous provides a negative reference. There are a variety of strategies used to develop quality inbound links to your website, in order to increase search engine visibility. And while the strategy is generally the same for any business, there are some unique advantages for local businesses.

Local Search Optimization

When your business is concentrated on a local market, you have a competitive advantage over those who are not local. Search engines know your general location, and if your search query seems to be looking for local results, priority is given to local results. Local search optimization takes advantage of this feature by ensuring your website is viewed as one of the most authoritative local resources.

We provide a special Local SEO program just for businesses like yours. If you want to increase leads through your website, contact us for a free consultation.

Website Search Engine Optimization Report

Let us help you understand how your site is currently performing. We’ll run a report using our proprietary software to analyze your site, and have one of our SEO experts review the report and add additional information. There is no charge for this service, and no obligation.

Complete the form below to have a free search engine optimization report created just for you. We will turn this free report around within 24 hours, and there is no obligation to buy anything.  There is no obligation to purchase anything. Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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SEO Services

Keyword Research – $500

  • Compile a list of phrases relevant to your business.
  • Test relevant phrases against a recent data sample of over 300 million searches in the major engines.
  • Deliver a list of those phrases that have the greatest potential for drawing search traffic.

Initial SEO Report – $399

Website analysis to identify major obstacles to search engine performance, and visitor usability. Completion of website analysis includes a report of the website’s problems and suggested remedies to these problems.

Monthly SEO – $120

  • Monthly traffic reports to keep you aware of your website’s traffic trends. You can tailor content to aspects of your site that are popular with visitors. Be made aware of any website issues that may be affecting traffic. Get suggestions each month for ways to increase traffic and conversions.
  • Strategically insert keywords into existing content. Your website will likely have content that is very relevant to a valuable keyword phrase, but you may not use that phrase specifically. After keyword research we go through your website looking for ways to strategically insert valuable keywords where applicable.
  • Modify titles and metatags. Leverage keyword research to provide marketing copy for search engine results. This copy is evaluated by search engines and is displayed to potential site visitors by search engines. The right copy will help your target market find you, and help them recognize that your website is relevant to their search.

Local SEO Marketing

When you compete in a high-value market and you absolutely must dominate the search engine results, we can implement comprehensive online marketing strategy that will make your business ubiquitous on the web. Our program places your business in a dominant position on social media, video sharing sites, local directories, search engines, news sites and local blogs, and we keep it up, month after month. Due to the level of work that goes into maintaining your SEO presence, this solution is not for every business, but if your annual spend on local advertising is more than $25k, you may be interested in moving some of that spend into a comprehensive SEO program.

Search Engine Optimization