The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Plan Checklist

ProSocialTools-facebook-marketing-plan-checklistThere are many steps to marketing effectively on Facebook, and it is easy to overlook some of the critical steps in the process. This marketing checklist will help you organize your efforts and proceed in the correct order. Make sure you understand each of the steps as you proceed because some of the decisions you make when creating your page are difficult to change once your page is completed.

Develop your Facebook marketing plan

Defining Your Brand

Define your unique selling proposition
List benefits

Define Your Facebook Marketing Goals

Achieve greater exposure
Increase brand awareness
Establishing relationships and building a loyal community
Interacting with your customers for feedback
Reputation management
Getting people to take action

Identify Your Target Market

Build a consumer profile
Purchasing Habits
Where they are found on Facebook

Creating Your Facebook Page

Set up an account

Create a personal profile
Navigate to
Choose the type of page
Choose the category
Fill in the pertinent fields

Complete the Getting Started Page

Add an Image
Invite Your Friends
Tell Your Fans
Post Status Updates
Promote this Page on your website

Does your page fulfill the following criteria? If not, make sure it does before you proceed

Have you added a personal touch to your page?
Does it offer quality, fresh content?
Does it promote visitor engagement?
Does it encourage Fans to Interact with each other?
Does it entice people to take action?
Does it make it easy for your fans to share your content?
Does it adhere to the rules of smart branding (consistency)?
Are you monitoring, measuring and tracking your results?

Adding Valuable Content to Your Page Regularly

Create a content calendar
Brainstorm content ideas
Schedule posts for the next six months
Create posts for the next month at least

Customize Your Page with Apps and iFrames

Create content for your custom page
Upload it to a server or website
Install the application on your Facebook page

Promoting Your Page

Maximizing Exposure For Your Page

Invite Your Existing Network to Your Page
Add your Facebook Page Address in all correspondence and communications
Include it in your email signature
Ensure all hard-copy mailing features your Facebook Page address
Add it to business cards, letterheads and other stationary
Add a Facebook icon to your web page – (go to>
Include details about your business Page on your Personal Profile
Invite your friends from other social networks to visit and Like your page
Ask for help from people you know, like close friends and business partners, to promote your page
Add Photos
Upload relevant and eye-catching photos
Organize contests for fans around photos that are relevant to your brand or niche

Engaging Your Fans

Ask Questions
Create a Poll
Put the spotlight on your fans
Organize contests

Employing Facebook Ads to Promote Your Page

Create Your Ad Campaign

Identify Your Goals
Decide on the Type of Advertisement
Set It Up
Navigate to
Click on Create an Ad
Select the type of ad
Fill in the fields

Does Your Ad?

Have a compelling message?
Feature a call to action?
Have an eye-catching image?
Include an attention grabbing headline?

Laser Target Your Ad

Connections on Facebook
Advanced Demographics
Education and Work

Decide on a Form of Payment

Choose Pay per Click or Pay per Impressions
Enter your bid
Click on Review Ad and check your advertisement
Click Place order
Ad copy
Targeting Criteria
Landing Page (for external web sites)


Building your Facebook presence is just the first step. You want to keep that presence active and your fans engaged with great, social content. It is far more important to be social, and to make your page about your customers and friends, than it is to make it about your business. Reach out, connect with your fans, make them feel more welcome and a part of your online community.

When you need help setting up your Facebook marketing plan, call us! ProSocialTools provides Facebook consulting, marketing plan development, and Facebook Page Management at very affordable rates, for any size business.

The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Plan Checklist