Sophisticated Phone Systems for Start-Ups and Small Business

If you’ve ever worked in a large office, you’re probably familiar with PBX phone systems. Those are the programmable systems that let you route calls, have multiple voicemail boxes, and set up a virtual receptionist. They are time-saving systems, but they are also expensive and a pain to program.

Business Phones Re-invented for Entrepreneurs

A phone sitting on a desk isn’t very useful for today’s entrepreneur. You need a smart phone system that can forward calls to you or your team, wherever they may be.

The ProSocialTools VBX System does all of that, and more!

The ProSocialTools VBX System uses applets to design call flows. A flow is what happens when a call comes in. Each applet has unique behaviors, such as dialing a sales group, playing a greeting, sending a text message, or starting a conference call. You can string applets together to create sophisticated call flows for nearly any situation. You can add users, give each their own voicemail box with a personal greeting, assign them to groups, and route calls to their personal phone based on their group. You can easily add virtual assistants to your team, and your phone system grows with you.

A phone system with auto-attendants, call forwarding, and voicemails (with transcription) has traditionally cost thousands of dollars. Our business phone system designed for today’s mobile and distributed workforce, and offers the ultimate in function and flexibility, starting at just $9.95.

Built for Entrepreneurs, by Entrepreneurs

  • No hardware or specialized equipment required.
  • Supports local numbers, toll-free numbers, and multiple lines.
  • Get local numbers in every area code where you do business.
  • Provide unique voice response messages based on number pressed.
  • Advanced call routing abilities-get customers to the right person fast!
  • Never miss a call! One number can ring multiple phones.
  • Track advertisements and measure the effectiveness of your marketing programs.
  • Receive voicemail messages as recordings in your email – no need to log-in to the system.
  • Support for text message response and message broadcast.
  • Use SMS text keywords to provide targeted responses.
  • Get SMS notifications when someone requests business information.

The options are virtually unlimited, and the cost is super-low, starting at just $9.95/month with no contract.

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Sophisticated Phone Systems for Start-Ups and Small Business