Social Media Monitoring and Reporting

Is your social media program effective? How are you measuring your results?

We provide you with data needed to measure progress, determine effectiveness, and plan future campaigns. From daily activity reports to quarterly trends, you will never be in the dark about your social media marketing.

Facebook Monitoring

We provide per-post analytics, including time of day, number of shares, likes and comments, total reach, user engagement, and virality.

We provide fan growth over time, including likes and unlikes on a per-day basis.

We calculate the best time to post, based on your fan feedback, as well as fan demographics, including gender, age and location.

Facebook reports also include the most popular posts during the report period, based on engagement, so you understand exactly what is driving engagement.

Twitter Monitoring

We show follower growth over time, klout score over time, frequency of mentions and retweets, and a calculation of the best time to tweet based on follower engagement.

Also, we provide samples of Twitter mentions and retweets to provide a top level view of your most engaging Twitter content.

Click Reports

We monitor your shared links to determine which ones are driving traffic and where those clicks are coming from. This is especially useful when you are propagating your content through multiple channels, such as rss feeds, blogs, and social media sites. Your click report will help you identify the most effective destinations for your content.

Reputation Monitoring

We monitor your brand for mentions across social media, including news sites, blogs, and social media properties like Facebook and Twitter. When you are mentioned in public, we record that mention and assign a sentiment (positive, neutral, negative) to it. Non-relevant mentions are removed, and then we generate a report on your current brand sentiment, mentions by source, top influencers, and most significant mentions (both positive and negative).

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Social Media Monitoring and Reporting