Six Simple Steps to More Local Customers

Six Simple Steps to More Local Customers

Today, it’s all about visibility. Here is how you can make your business more visible.

People need to know about you before they can be your customer. That’s why advertising still works. But if you rely solely on advertising for your business, you are missing out. There are a world of opportunities for making your business more visible on the internet. From social media to search engines, what you do makes the difference between growing your business and missing out on great opportunities.

Here are the essential steps every local business must take to maximize your online visibility. Most are not difficult, but they do require your attention.

Step 1: Ensure your website is “content optimized” to attract local customers. This means that you are providing hours of operation, and business location information in a format that the search engines understand. You also want to make sure your site is optimized for important search terms. To learn more about onsite optimization, see our case study, Canfield Brothers Bicycles.

Step 2: Make sure Google and Bing know that you are a local business. You can assume the search engines are going to visit your website and figure things out for themselves, but that isn’t necessarily the case. You can increase your visibility by claiming and completing local listings, such as your Google+Local page. The more places you are listed with complete and accurate information, the more likely a customer will call or visit your business.

Step 3: Create a mobile-optimized website. Searching for a local business on a mobile phone increased 400% in 2011 and growth has since accelerated. If you check your analytics, you will probably find that 20%-40% of the visits to your business website are coming from mobile devices. When Google sees a search is on a mobile device, they try to please their customers by providing mobile results. Your mobile website increases your business visibility.

Step 4: Claim your business on ratings and review sites. Word of mouth reputation carries weight with customers who have never been to your business. Online reviews provide a way for new customers judge which business they should choose, based on what others have experienced. When you are able to respond and interact with reviewers, you tell new customers that you are concerned about their satisfaction, and that’s something they appreciate!

Step 5: Build customer relationships on social media. While the specific approach you should use varies according to your products, services, and customers, social media is a tremendous marketing platform for every business. You simply need an effective strategy that will help you connect with customers, and then maintain your presence by joining in the conversation.

Step 6: Offer online promotions that attract customers. When someone finds your business on a website, social media site, or in search results, you want to entice them into becoming a customer. Provide incentives exclusively for your customers, and you will be able to measure the impact of all of your efforts. Incentives will tell you if your online marketing efforts are successful, and when done right, they can even increase your visibility when people share your offers with their friends.

Each of these steps can be completed entirely by you, or you can get help with the ones you are not sure of. Explore this website and you will find more information that will guide you through the steps you need to put each of these steps into practice. And if you’re not sure what to do, please contact us for a little free assistance.

We love to help!

Every business is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to your online marketing challenges. We understand how each of these promotional tools can be leveraged to maximize their effectiveness and you get more customers. We’re happy to provide you with some free feedback and see if there is an opportunity to help you. We can provide you with options that match your goals and meet your budget. It doesn’t cost a dime for an initial consultation, so why not call us to set up an appointment today?

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Six Simple Steps to More Local Customers