Search Engine Rank Monitoring

Search Engine Rank Monitoring

Search results are critical to your success.

If you know the keywords that people most often use to find your products and services, you are ahead of the game. The next critical step is to monitor your website’s performance and ensure you are doing everything you can to stay ahead of the competition.

Our keyword monitoring service tracks the search phrases you select on a daily basis, and generates a report that is emailed to you daily, weekly, or monthly. This gives you the insights you need to react quickly to changes.

Knowing the keywords that your customers use to find your products and services is a top priority for any business owner. But recent changes at Google has made it difficult to monitor your website’s performance using Google Analytics.

We have the solution

Our software checks your ranking for the keywords you select, on a daily basis. This way you will always know how you are performing. And the data is always available. You can log into your personal website monitoring page and generate your own reports any time that you want.

What about your competitors?

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Use this service to keep an eye on your competitors, too! Because our monitoring service does not require any special coding, we can monitor any website for any keyword of interest.

Don’t know your keywords?

No worries! We’re able to conduct a keyword analysis for you. We’ll tell you what your site is optimized for, and where you should focus your attention. Just contact us and tell us that you need a keyword analysis in addition to monitoring.

The difference in even one ranking position can mean hundreds, even thousands of dollars per month. You owe it to yourself to protect your position by being aware of your rankings.¬†You wouldn’t operate your business, or even your household, without knowing how your assets were holding out. You should treat your search results with the same importance. It matters that much.


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Search Engine Rank Monitoring