Free QR Code Generator

Free QR Code Generator

QR Code generated by the Ultimate QR Code Generator with QR-Flex shortened address redirectionAbout the QR Code Generator: QR Codes are a great solution for capturing text using your mobile phone’s camera. The phone scans the code using special software and translates it into text. A common use for QR Codes is to provide your business card information, Another is to direct customers to your website or special offer, especially when it’s a mobile-enabled offer! Real Estate agents can place QR codes on for sale signs that link to custom websites describing a property in more detail. Retail businesses can use QR codes to promote special offers, perhaps to invite customers to join a VIP club with a mobile-ready opt-in page.

We’ve offered a free QR Code Generator since this site was first launched, and how we have upgraded our software to offer you The Ultimate QR Code Generator. Our new generator is loaded with features. Use it to drive traffic to your website or Facebook page, to give your clients access to your wireless network, to automate PayPal payments on items. Add your logo, and create your own special color scheme. We have never seen more features in a QR Code Generator.

Before using your QR Code, make sure you print it out and test it at your final size with a variety of devices. The more information you try to include, the more difficult it may be for a phone to read it. Also, when using colors, make sure you use high contrast color pairs, such as yellow/blue, red/green, or light/dark.

Our QR code generator is always free for you to use for personal or commercial purposes. We also offer QR Code services, providing you with code tracking (how many times it is used) and code re-direction, enabling your printed code to be re-purposed for different campaigns.

Before you use QR codes in print advertising or marketing, let us help you with QR-Flex, our re-directable, re-usable QR Codes.

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December 26, 2010 / Products and Services

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Free QR Code Generator