Is It Better To Have A Mobile Website Than A Yellow Pages Ad?

Is It Better To Have A Mobile Website Than A Yellow Pages Ad?

Many small businesses continue to advertise in directories like Yellow Pages and Yellow Book. It’s a great way to reach people who still thumb through those pages to find a plumber, a lawyer, a florist, or any business that they only need occasionally. They do it because the big paper book is convenient, and you can sort through a handful of businesses quickly. But for many people, the most convenient option today is to look up a business on mobile phones. Phones are lighter, often faster, and always with you. With 50% of US adults now owning an internet capable smart phone, your business could be missing opportunities.

A significant number of people still use those printed directories, but with each passing year, that number dwindles. The writing is on the wall for the telephone directory.

According to Google, around 15% of internet searches are conducted by mobile phones. But most small businesses–those same businesses who advertise in the yellow pages–do not have mobile-ready websites, if they have websites at all. This is a huge problem because when customers search for your business, they expect to find useful information.  and if you don’t provide it, they will move on to your competitor in a heartbeat.

Mobile websites do not have to be complex to be effective. It’s more important that they function well on small screens, that they contain the sort of information that mobile phone users are seeking, and that they can be easily navigated with one hand, or even just a thumb. Link that page to your enhanced Google Places page and other mobile directory listings, and your business will be easily found by mobile customers.

For the cost of 1-2 months of Yellow Pages advertising, you can have a great mobile website that will capture customers who are ready to drive to your destination. If internet search is a part of your business marketing, it only makes sense to have a mobile-ready website.

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January 5, 2012 / Blog

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Is It Better To Have A Mobile Website Than A Yellow Pages Ad?