Instant Twitter Maven

Instant Twitter Maven

You can be a Twitter marketing maven, and with our help, it’s easier than you think!

Twitter is a unique social media platform. As a public form of text messaging with space for just a sentence or two, every message is quick to read and write. The challenge comes in standing out. Twitter is a party where everyone is talking, and with so many conversations going on, the way to get noticed is to get others to repeat your message for you.

Gain recognition among your customers as a valuable resource.

One sure-fire way to increase your reach through Twitter is to become a reliable channel for curated content. Check out our twitter feed @ProSocialTools and you will see that on any given day there are around a dozen tweets of interesting articles that will appeal to small business owners who are interested in social media and online marketing. Every day some of our tweets are retweeted by others who follow us. Every day our number of followers increase, which gives us greater reach.

You might get the impression that we’re on Twitter all day, but nothing could be further from the truth. We use a combination of free web services, a mobile phone app, and a basic subscription to our flagship social media marketing platform ChronoSuite to review, curate, edit, and deliver our daily content stream. It takes one person less than 15 minutes per day to review more than 200 articles, choose from among the best of them, and add it to a Twitter feed that is automatically distributed throughout the day. With our help, you can do this too!

Converse and Convert – Grow Your Business with Twitter

The most successful Twitter strategy requires more than identifying your audience and sharing content. Embracing the platform in a very personal way is essential to making your Twitter presence more than a monologue. Turn on the charm by complimenting your audience, retweeting their comments, asking their opinion, or asking them about their interests. By creating real conversations with others on Twitter, you build relationships and get noticed by even more people.

The combination of providing useful content and creating conversations is the “one-two punch” of Twitter marketing. You can do it yourself, but if you’d like a more efficient way to establish your presence on Twitter, we can help.

What can ProSocial do to help you become a Twitter Maven?

At ProSocialTools, we will provide you with the basic set-up you need to duplicate our news curation process. We’ll help you identify great sources for monitoring, tools to help you review and schedule your curated content, and we’ll help you measure your success. We can tailor our service level to meet your specific needs, no matter how simple or complex.

To learn more, contact us today.

April 12, 2012 / Products and Services

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Instant Twitter Maven