How Does a Mobile Website Help Restaurants?

How Does a Mobile Website Help Restaurants?

mobile-website-and-laptopWhen I hear about a new restaurant and want to learn more, I usually Google search on my iPhone with their name, which usually shows me their Google+Local page. That will give me location, hours, tap-to-call and tap for their website. If the business has done everything right, their website is also the next Google search result, followed by review sites like Yelp and UrbanSpoon, BBB and whatnot.

What happens when I tap that web button on the Google+Local page? If it goes to a desktop site and I can’t read anything because the type is too small and my other hand is full, I’m thumb-driving back to Google to check out another page, probably Yelp or another review site. The business owner just lost an opportunity to direct my interest and control the message.

On the other hand, if I get a mobile site, and I discover that one of my favorite things in the world is the Special of the Day, I’m likely to give them a try. If I visit and have a great experience, I love the food, I meet the friendly owners, I end up returning with my wife. She loves it too, so now every time she asks “where do you want to eat?”, our new favorite restaurant is on our short list. I download their mobile website so that it’s on my home screen. I’ve gone from discovery to spending $1,000/year (20 visits at $50 average) at this restaurant, and promoting it to a friend at least once per month.

A great mobile website encourages exactly that scenario because it is more than a digital brochure. It encourages frequent visits because daily promotions always up-to-date, it encourages deeper connections through links to the business presence on social media where other friends of the restaurant gather, it encourages viral sharing of coupons with tap-to-share links to Facebook, email, SMS and Twitter, and it encourages saving the site to the phone’s desktop with a “pop-up” balloon that tells you how. And it does all of this with very little effort from the business owner.

I think you have to agree that if a mobile website does all of this, it has value. How much value?, I’d want to crunch the numbers in a Customer Lifetime Value Calculator like the one at What is the Value of a Loyal Customer? | to explore what one new customer is worth to a business, but I can guarantee that acquiring just one customer like the one I describe above is worth many times what it costs for a mobile solution that provides all of the features I described. Keep that customer for 2 years, and get an average of 6 new customers per year based on their referrals, and the customer value is around $26,000.

Competition for clientele is war. Every customer lost to a competitor costs a business hundreds or, more often, thousands of dollars in revenue. A business grows by winning friends and building relationships, by seeing every relationship as an opportunity that is mutually beneficial. Adding a mobile website that provides the right information in a timely manner and encourages sales will win customers. The bottom line is that you can’t leave the opportunity to gain a new customer to chance. You have to be proactive, and a mobile website is a great way to be proactive.

Over 30% of the potential customers visiting your website through Google search are on mobile devices. Is there any good reason to ignore 30% of your website traffic? I didn’t think so.

If you would like to see how your website can come alive on mobile, please talk to us. We’ll discuss the benefits and opportunities with you and offer to build a free demo site exclusively for your business.  You can sign up at This is a great time to lock-in introductory pricing, and I hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity.

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How Does a Mobile Website Help Restaurants?