Get your customers grooving to your beat!

Get your customers grooving to your beat!

1917 Gibson MandolaI told my son the other day, when you play mandolin, the notes are in the left hand, but the music is in the right hand. Being 10 years old, he was confused by the idea. Maybe you are confused too, because this idea can seem rather strange to someone who isn’t passionate about music. Stay with me, this has profound meaning to the way you market your business.

Music has two fundamental parts, melody and rhythm. On a mandolin, the melody is expressed with the left hand and the rhythm is expressed by the right. When we experience music, melody is what our mind attaches to, but it’s the rhythm that makes you dance! Rhythm is the heart of music.

Your business is like music, too. It serves a need or requirement, the left hand, and it creates an emotional resonance with customers, the right hand. And like playing music, you’ll get the best results when the left hand and right hand are dancing to the same music.

In business, our attention is usually on the left hand. We are providing a product or service that keeps us moving forward. The music of business is marketing. It is how you present your business to the customer, and the emotional resonance they attach to your business.

I want you to think about something for a moment. Imagine a melody and a drum being played at the same time, but not together. That’s what most businesses look like to the customer. Now, bring those two together. The drummer starts listening to the melody and playing in concert, making it more musical, making the melody more rhythmic, making you feel like dancing. That’s what happens when your marketing works in concert with your business.

Business marketing, when done right, is music. It makes the minds of your customers dance. It makes them want to repeat the experience. It brings them back again and again.

What changes can you make? How can you adjust your marketing to work in concert with your business? How are you going to inspire your customers?

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December 11, 2011 / Blog

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Get your customers grooving to your beat!