Stop Bad Reviews Before They Happen

Stop Bad Reviews Before They Happen

Social Reviews are Driving Your Business

If you’re too busy running your business, you might not notice the change that has happened. People are using the web to learn about a business before they decide to visit. If you have great reviews, it is bringing in customers. If you have bad reviews, it is keeping people away from your door.

How Bad Reviews Happen

Sally tries out your business, and things go wrong. Maybe it was an honest mistake, or maybe she was taken care of by your worst employee. Unfortunately for you, Sally is on Facebook and Twitter, and she is active on Yelp and other business review sites. She decides to warn others about your business so they don’t have the experience that she did, and you are powerless to stop her.

Identify Online Reviewers

Not every customer is going to leave an online review, but every customer who does provide online feedback is a potential reviewer who can help your business or hurt it. By providing an in-store mechanism that gives customers a way to tell you how their service was, you are identifying your likely online reviewers. Revuzi provides your customers with a simple satisfaction survey that they can enter at home, or while at your business using their smartphone.

Take Action and Correct Problems

Nobody plans to have a bad experience and leave a bad review. Reviews that hurt your business only happen after someone drops the ball by mishandling the situation. When a customer tells Revuzi that they are disappointed, you immediately receive a text message with their name, phone number, and email. You can respond immediately and turn the problem around, even turning them into one of your biggest fans!

Achieve Greatness

When a customer tells Revuzi that they are delighted with your service, you can reward them and encourage them to become one of your champions. Rewards and encouragements can take many forms, from discounts on future visits to chances to win prizes in a drawing. Revuzi can guide your happy customers through the options you choose and reward them for sharing their experience with friends on social media, signing up for an email or text marketing program, and writing great online reviews. Build customer loyalty and increase sales!

Mobile Readiness

We designed Revuzi using a “mobile-first” approach. Revuzi responds to smartphones and tablets by automatically reformatting to fit any screen size. Your customers can provide you with immediate feedback, providing you with the opportunity for an immediate response.

Take Action Today

More than ever, the quality of your customers’ experiences are shaping the success of your business. ¬†Every customer review influences hundreds of potential customers. With Revuzi, you will get more reviews from customers who use social media. As a result you will have more online visibility from social media, review sites, and search engines.

Schedule a Demonstration

We’ll give you a personal over-the-phone demonstration so you can see for yourself how Revuzi works, the messages you receive, and the web pages your customers will see. Revuzi is simply the best way to encourage more great reviews for your business, while intervening before you get a bad review. Don’t miss out on this important opportunity!

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June 20, 2012 / Reputation Management

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Stop Bad Reviews Before They Happen