Facebook for Lawyers in Indiana

Facebook for Lawyers in Indiana

Currently Available in Indiana: Indianapolis • Fort Wayne • Evansville • Madison • Gary • South Bend • Lafayette • Kokomo • Bloomington • Richmond • Muncie

Tim here, and I want to have a confidential one-to-one with you on the subject of Facebook. I also have an exclusive offer that will give you a strategic marketing advantage over your competition. You will need to act immediately if you don’t want to miss out.

Visibility is Critical

As a law firm, you know the importance of public visibility and top-of-mind awareness. You invest thousands on television, radio, outdoor and print, but what about your social media presence? You know that your best work comes from word-of-mouth reputation and relationships. Sharing on Facebook can skyrocket your word-of-mouth reputation.

Are you connecting with people on Facebook?

I don’t mean “do you have a Facebook page”, I want to know if there is interaction and viral sharing on your Facebook page. If there is, then maybe you are one of the 4% who are getting it right. If not, I can help put you ahead of 96% of you competition.

Overcome the Barriers

According to Bryn Hughes, marketing and communications manager for LexisNexis Martindale Hubbard, lawyers show interest in using social media, but are concerned about liability, client confidentiality and the potential embarrassment of posting erroneous statements online. As a result, most law firms don’t know what to do with Facebook.

This is the Secret to Facebook Marketing

Facebook is worlds apart from the court room or the board room. It’s about connecting with the friends of your friends. It’s about leveraging the power of the social network. You don’t do that by being all “businessy”, you do it by being social, by telling stories and jokes, by posting stuff that people will LOVE sharing with their friends.

Social Marketing Works!

Being social works like magic. People start paying attention to what you say, they try to get closer. They seek out your page, and become friends with you because they don’t want to miss out on what you have to say. They share your page with their friends because it makes them an influencer. They build buzz, they start to refer you to their friends in casual conversation. By being social, you become prominent in the social network.

We Can Make You A Social Media Rock Star

We created a new social content strategy just for law firms. It’s a mix of “dumb laws” that remain on the books, the foibles of “dumb criminals”, as well as current events that people are buzzing about, humor, and other social content that we use to create a custom stream of daily content. We post every day at just the right times, when people are most likely to see and share your posts.

We Manage Facebook For You

We also manage your page for you, so that it doesn’t look like it’s being run by a robot. We’re there for you, talking to your fans, keeping the conversation going, getting people interested and alert to your shares. We also do the regular housekeeping every fan page needs when it’s set up for two-way conversations.

You don’t have to worry about the content we share. There is nothing promotional in the content, and we don’t cross any ethical lines. But if you need the extra assurance of oversight, you can review our posting schedule before it happens, for a small additional cost.

Why You Should Act Now!

This is a highly targeted offer. Once we have your market locked-down with a law firm, we’re moving on to the next market. That’s right. We are looking for just 1 firm in your local market. If you sign-up now, you will lock out your competition.


  • Text Posts – Observations, humor, and insights with a “legal” flavor.
  • Photo Posts – Humorous, interesting, and inspiring photos with comments to generate interest.
  • Video Link Posts – We’ll share videos from sites like YouTube to stimulate viral sharing
  • Article Link Posts – We find posts on blogs and news sources that keep your page fresh and current.
  • Scheduled Posts – Up to 2 posts per week, submitted by you. (calls to action, announcements)
  • Spam Removal – If someone posts something that should not be on your page, we make it disappear.
  • Fan Monitoring – We keep an eye on your page, all day and all night.
  • Fan Engagement – We respond socially to comments, shares, likes, and posts.
  • Lead Nurturing – If someone asks for legal info, we refer them to your office.

This is a complete Facebook page management solution. You cannot go wrong. Even getting one additional client per year could easily pay for this service, and the potential is far greater because people will view your firm as more approachable than your competition.

Optional Post Review:

  • We provide our scheduled content at least 2 business days before publication, giving you or your staff an opportunity to review content and request the post be retracted or replaced at our option.
  • You may discontinue this service at any time by canceling your optional post review subscription without interrupting your Facebook page management subscription.

Do you have questions? Call us at (877) 800-1236. But please act fast, this offer is available only for a limited time.

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Facebook for Lawyers in Indiana