Facebook for Law Firms

Facebook for Law Firms

Tim here, and I want to have a confidential one-to-one with you on the subject of Facebook. I also have a limited-time offer that might be a good fit for your firm. It can give you a strategic advantage over the competition in your market.

Marketing is Important

Public visibility and top-of-mind awareness is essential to most businesses, including law firms. If you are trying to increase your business, you probably spend thousands on television, radio, and print, but little, if anything, on your social media presence. When executed properly, social media marketing has proven to provide businesses with a higher return on investment than traditional marketing.

Sales is a Systematic Process

Selling invariably starts with finding qualified leads. If  getting customers is like collecting rainwater in a jar, then it is pretty obvious that you are going to catch more rain by using a larger funnel and by making sure your funnel is placed where the rain is falling. To increase business, position a wide sales funnel in places where you are likely to attract customers.

Invest Your Time Wisely

You need to spend time on customer acquisition, but if all of your time is focused on the top of the funnel, you are not being productive. Things like designing ads, recording commercials, placing media, and developing websites is better left to experts in their various fields. Your job is to nurture leads once they are in your funnel, because nobody can do that particular job as well as you.

Why Facebook is Important

Seven out of ten. That is the number of US citizens between the ages of 13 and 64 who are on Facebook. If you don’t have one of your sales funnels positioned to capture that audience, you are missing out on what is probably your best opportunity to reach your audience, whether it is local or national.

Are you connecting with people on Facebook?

Facebook can help you build visibility on a local level and initiate connections you might not otherwise make. Simply having a Facebook page isn’t enough. Facebook, like all social media, depends upon your popularity among a network of people. You do this by forming relationships and entertaining your audience. The connections you develop through online social networking ultimately leads to offline referrals because people become more familiar with you and develop a confidence in you.

Overwhelmingly, Law Firms Fail at Social Media

I have studied how various law firms “participate” on Facebook. I often see a complete failure to execute a successful social marketing strategy. Inflated fan numbers? Doesn’t work. Posting promotional status updates? Doesn’t work. Auto-posting from an rss feed? Doesn’t work. Creating a page and then ignoring it? Definitely doesn’t work! If I had to guess, I would say that 2 out of every 100 law firm Facebook pages I encounter are actually running a successful social marketing strategy. The other 98% might actually be doing more damage than good for their firms.

Don’t Let Uncertainty Hold You Back

According to Bryn Hughes, marketing and communications manager for LexisNexis Martindale Hubbard, lawyers show interest in using social media, but are concerned about liability, client confidentiality and the potential embarrassment of posting erroneous statements online. These are weak excuses. Successful social marketing does not rely upon exposing your firm to liability, issues with confidentiality, or making erroneous statements. Facebook is a social gathering, not a courtroom.

How to Succeed on Facebook

Facebook is all about connecting with the friends of your friends. It’s about leveraging the power of the social network. You do it by being social, by telling stories and jokes, by posting stuff that people will LOVE sharing with their friends. Don’t hide the fact that you’re a lawyer, but don’t hide behind your lawyer’s persona. Be real. I have seen first hand where people develop a comfort with a lawyer’s Facebook presence, and then initiate a request for services directly on their page. Connecting on Facebook is like being on speed-dial. They call you first because they know you and know where to find you.

Social Marketing Does Work

Being social works like magic. When you share fun, social content, people pay attention to what you share, they don’t want to miss it. Their friends will see comments and conversations on your page, and they’ll want to join in. Social content builds buzz better than anything. People like to smile, they like to find common interests. By being social, you become prominent in the social network. A successful social marketing strategy for a law firm doesn’t require commenting about legal issues, mentioning clients, or offering anything that could be construed as legal advice.

How We Can Help

I am looking for a small number law firms in different markets who would benefit from a unique managed Facebook social media solution we developed through the analysis and scoring of thousands of Facebook business pages and content streams.

This social content strategy encourages people to share your status updates with their friends. It is unlike anything you have seen coming from other law firms on Facebook. Most of the content is light-hearted, which is not what people expect from a law firm. Because we’re posting every day, you will always be top of mind with the people you reach through your social network.

We Assign a Social Media Representative

The content will be posted by a social media representative assigned to your firm. Your representative will be fun and social, and doesn’t answer legal questions. Having a social media representative positions your firm as more approachable by your fans and their friends because you become a member of their online social circle.

We Add Marketing Value

We share occasional positioning statements to let your audience know that when they need a powerful advocate, you are there for them. This is amazingly potent because you have earned your audience’s attention with fun, social content. We monitor your fans and conversations to determine the optimum frequency for sharing positioning statements, and we tailor those statements to fit your firm’s marketing objectives.

We Manage Facebook For You

We manage your page for you so that it doesn’t look like it’s being run by a robot. We’re there for you, talking to your fans, keeping the conversation going, getting people interested and alert to your shares. We also do the regular housekeeping every fan page needs to maximize your social engagement while still protecting your brand.

We Keep It Social

You don’t have to worry about the content we share. There is nothing promotional in the social content, and we don’t cross any ethical, political, or religious lines. We will ask you to pre-approve any positioning statements before we share them.  If you need the extra assurance of oversight, you can pre-approve the social content before it happens, for a small additional cost.

A Complete Facebook Sales Funnel

Reach 70% of your market by participating on Facebook. Gain top-of-mind awareness, grow your referral network, and have qualified leads funneled to your firm without lifting a finger. Professionally managed social marketing is the best way to ensure your success on Facebook.

See the Demonstration

We created a demonstration page on Facebook to show you what your Facebook page might look like, based on our content strategy. We left out the positioning statements because these are going to be specific to your firm. You can expect 1-2 status updates per day, as we nurture your market and build engagement.

Please take a few moments to view the sample Facebook page we created to show you the way your page might look.


Why You Should Take Action Now

If you are interested in this program, I hope you will take quick action for two reasons. First, your success in social media is cumulative and exponential. The sooner you start building audience, the faster it will grow in the future. Second, we are sharing this offer with 2,500 firms and in order to provide our best service, we can only accommodate a limited number of firms. Ideally, we are looking for one firm per market, and we are only looking to bring 25 firms on board with this program.

What you will get:

  • Text Posts – Observations, humor, and insights, usually with a “legal” flavor.
  • Photo Posts – Humorous, interesting, and inspiring photos with comments to generate interest.
  • Video Link Posts – Videos from sites like YouTube, based on high interest and “share-ability”.
  • Article Link Posts – We find posts on blogs and news sources that keep your page fresh and current.
  • Scheduled Posts – Unlimited posts per week, submitted by you. (calls to action, announcements, local news).
  • Spam Removal – If someone posts something that should not be on your page, we make it disappear.
  • Fan Monitoring – We keep an eye on your page, all day and all night.
  • Fan Engagement – We respond socially to comments, shares, likes, and posts.
  • Local Connections – We help your business connect with other businesses on Facebook in your community.
  • Lead Nurturing – If someone asks for legal info, we refer them to your office.

This is a complete Facebook page management solution for one local market.

Optional Post Review:

  • We provide our scheduled content at least 2 business days before publication, giving you or your staff an opportunity to review content and request the post be retracted or replaced at our option.
  • You may discontinue this service at any time by canceling your optional post review subscription without interrupting your Facebook page management subscription.

Do you have questions? Call us at (877) 800-1236. But please act fast, this is a limited opportunity.

If you have different service needs, please contact us. We can develop social media marketing programs for almost any business in the US market.

If your firm is just starting out and you don’t have the marketing budget for our full service, please consider one of our basic packages, or a custom package. There is no reason your Facebook page should be silent. Let us help you stay top-of-mind.

Finally, consider this comment from Eric Cooperstein on TheLawyerist.com. Eric is talking about Twitter, but the same applies to Facebook, which is a much larger audience.

“I don’t think a lawyer is likely to get clients directly from social media. But I also don’t think a lawyer is going to get clients directly by having lunch or coffee with someone, or volunteering for a nonprofit, or doing bar association work. Networking is about making connections and planting seeds. Social media fits that bill. It’s not that someone will see your tweets and think “I’m going to fire my current lawyer and send all my work to this guy – he’s brilliant!” But when they or friends or business colleagues of theirs have a legal need, they’re more likely to think of you because they read your tweets everyday and they like them. That possibility makes social media worthwhile as an investment of time.”

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