Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media connects you with your community.

Social media marketing requires a number of skills. You need to love social media, and not just one or two platforms. You need to go where your customer is, and that often means a half dozen or more social networks. It helps to be skilled with graphics, have a social personality,  and an appropriate strategy for each platform. 

What We Do

Social Media Branding

We create your social media brand to make your business instantly recognizable across multiple platforms. When your customer discovers you on a new network, they’ll immediately know it’s you, and not a competitor.

Social Content Publishing

We increase your visibility by managing your social media profiles and pages. We create content, engage with customers, and support your brand, keeping an eye on your social presence while  you keep an eye on your business.

Social Media Consulting

When you are your brand, it might be better if you have an active role in your social media presence. We’ll help you get started and provide you with training and tools to be more effective, focused, and efficient. 

Custom Facebook Applications

Whether it’s a viral contest, a product page, menu, or a special promotion that you want to run on your Facebook page, we can create, host, and manage it for you. We can add custom games to your Facebook page, and even build a mini-website for you, right on Facebook.

Social Media Monitoring and Reporting

We monitor your brand for mentions, tweets, reviews, news, and anything that relates to you or your competitors. We’ll generate a monthly report showing your engagement, or send you automatic notices when someone has left a review on your business.

Talk to us to learn more about ProSocial Marketing’s Social Media Marketing solution for small businesses.

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Social Media Marketing