Easily Update Your Website From Anywhere!

Easily Update Your Website From Anywhere!


Managing the web does not have to be complicated. At ProSocialTools, we developed a content management solution that is perfect for the on-the-go business manager. Share your latest news, update your special offers and events and publish late-breaking announcements on your website, your mobile app, and your Facebook page all at the same time.

The ProSocial Content Manager uses content blocks that are inserted into key areas of your website with styling that matches the page where you want your content to appear. You edit the content blocks using a web browser on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Save your changes and updates instantly appear everywhere.

It is really that easy!

We do the hard work, setting it up for you and customizing your password-protected content manager. Once we set it up, you can write and format content the way you want. Make type bold, create bulleted lists, insert videos, add photos and galleries with slideshows. You can even blog with your ProSocial Content Manager.

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Instantly update all of your web properties from one place!


How much does it cost?

Because we customize your CMS and web properties just for you, we cannot offer a flat-rate cost. Initial set-up and installation starts at $200 and hosting is $20/month. But if we are doing other work for you, such as building your mobile website or managing your social media pages, we can offer you a bundle deal, so please ask what we can do for you!

Contact your ProSocial Account Representative Today!

Call us at 877-800-1236 and ask for the Mobile Web group. We are happy to answer any questions and we’ll start making your online marketing easier!

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Easily Update Your Website From Anywhere!