Daily Posts to Your Social Media Pages

Daily Posts to Your Social Media Pages

Level 1: Daily Post Delivery $99/month

Don’t let your fans forget you!¬†For less than the price of a bagel and coffee, we’re going to keep your Facebook fans entertained and your business on top of their minds every single day! We put smiles on faces and warm fuzzies in bellies, which translates into warm thoughts when they think of your brand. The effectiveness a simple clever or humorous post that goes out to their news feed is remarkable! and when you combine it with your personal attention and interaction with your fans, you’ll be the life of the social media party!Once per day, around morning coffee break time, we’ll post as your business on your Facebook business page. The post will be in the form of a quote, a joke, a fact, or an observation to keep your page active and your fans entertained. It doesn’t replace social media engagement, but it keeps your page from slipping into obscurity. Your fans will be delighted by our content, and you’ll be delighted with the results!Just click the “add to cart” button and then check out using any major credit card or your PayPal account. We won’t start billing until we’re ready to launch your Facebook page management service, which will take a maximum of 7 days to get you set up and running.

If you aren’t absolutely delighted after one month of service, just let us know. We’ll immediately provide you with a full refund. We know our service is great, but if it’s not what you expect, you’re not stuck.

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December 8, 2011 / Products and Services

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Daily Posts to Your Social Media Pages