ChronoSuite is the all-in-one social media control center designed to meet the needs of social media marketing professionals, marketing teams, and marketing agencies.

Take control of your social media marketing by scheduling your activities with ChronoSuite. Schedule • Monitor • Engage • Analyze Run all of your critical social marketing activities from one control center. Connect, communicate, monitor, and measure without wasting time. Manage teams and approve content before it is posted. Automate distribution to multiple channels. Schedule days, weeks, even months in advance.

Why You Need ChronoSuite

Most business owners are busy running their business: keeping customers happy, employees busy and vendors on schedule. There’s hardly time to think about marketing, let alone spend hours on social media. ChronoSuite keeps you focused so you achieve more, while giving you greater flexibility in your schedule.

Schedule Notifications

Use ChronoSuite to send email messages or sms text messages to your customers to remind them of appointments and important events. Publish newsletters and SMS blasts.

Measure Social Impact

You can easily measure the impact of all of your social media interactions, from tweets and social sharing to open rates on emails you send. You can even integrate Google analytics to have all of your reporting in one place.

Monitor your Reputation

Customers are talking about your brand, and you should be listening. Resolve issues with unhappy customers who take their complaint to the internet, and build relationships with happy customers who tell their friends about your great business.

Share your Content

Upload photos and videos to your social sites so that your posts appear when your customers are online. Share links and messages, and leave comments when it suits your schedule.

Be More Efficient

Once your messages are scheduled for posting, you can easily keep up with your brand by checking in a couple times a day. 10 minutes in the morning and again in the evening should do it. Then when you have more time, plan your next social campaign.

Group Messaging

Connect with your customers and attract new ones. Send appointment reminders, create campaigns, re-activate lost customers and prompt your biggest fans to refer new clients. Keep social media marketing under your control.

Monitor all of your social sites and your social media team in one place. Stay on top of your brand, execute scheduled content, and engage your customers effectively and efficiently.

Social media marketing dashboards with this power and feature set normally cost several hundred dollars per month. You can get started with ChronoSuite for as little as $19.00 per month.

Maximize Results, Minimize Confusion.

We work with you to develop your social marketing strategy, identify opportunities, and architect a solution that is both efficient and effective. We configure ChronoSuite for you, and support you along the way.
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November 6, 2011 / Products and Services

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