I have to admit, I am not blogging nearly as often as I should. With more than a half-dozen websites that play roles in our service offerings and a fairly robust workload, my focus on inbound marketing has drifted. But since I love automation tools, there is no reason our ... Read More


Every restaurant gets bad reviews from time to time. It's a well-worn adage that you can't please everyone. When you are faced with responding to a bad review, do you ignore it, go on the defense, or find out if it was deserved? Read the following review, and ask yourself, ... Read More


If you're like me, then you have played with Google's Advanced Search strings and messed around with changing variables to see what happens. There are some interesting things that you can do with Google search. For instance, you can build a query that finds every website inside the USA that ... Read More


As a long-time marketing professional, it amazes me how most small businesses neglect marketing. Just as you are an expert in your field, marketing professionals have insights and experiences that are highly specialized. They recognize problems that others are oblivious to, they see the cause and effect of things that ... Read More


[one_half] Managing the web does not have to be complicated. At ProSocialTools, we developed a content management solution that is perfect for the on-the-go business manager. Share your latest news, update your special offers and events and publish late-breaking announcements on your website, your mobile app, and your Facebook ... Read More


Customer reviews are one of the most important social signals for any business, because they tell the unvarnished truth about how your products and services are being perceived by customers. Well, almost. Happy customers will readily tell you when they are thrilled, but only a handful will then go online ... Read More


Schedule social media content, engage customers, monitor your brand, and measure your results with one tool! You have a business to run, meetings to attend, work that needs to be done. You can't waste time messing around with social media all day. Sometimes all the difference can be made with a ... Read More


When I hear about a new restaurant and want to learn more, I usually Google search on my iPhone with their name, which usually shows me their Google+Local page. That will give me location, hours, tap-to-call and tap for their website. If ... Read More



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December 10, 2012


As any Facebook Page Manager would know, Fan Page Reach measures the viral exposure your Facebook posts receive. If you manage Facebook pages and have noticed that your fan reach has plummeted in the past few weeks, you are not alone. Social media managers everywhere have been seeing the same ... Read More

Creating “Kick-ass” Content Feeds for your Facebook Page