ProSocialTools Golden Seal Award

At ProSocialTools, we believe that small business owners who demonstrate exceptional social media marketing skill and commitment deserve recognition. Not only do they help their business by connecting with their community, they show others how to run an effective social media marketing campaign.

When you receive a Golden Seal Award, you benefit from increased visibility on the web and on social media, resulting in more traffic to your website and to your business. Perhaps more importantly, you serve as an example for other businesses to follow.

Recipients of the Golden Seal Award demonstrate best practices for social media engagement. They add value to the social streams of their friends and followers, are engaged and responsive to their audience, and they support a sense of community on their page. Recipients show that they understand their customers and their audience.

We invite you to nominate a business whom you believe deserves recognition. You may nominate your own business, but we ask you to disclose your relationship to the business you are nominating.

Are you interested in an award-winning social media marketing program for your business? is ready to help. We can help you develop and execute your social media strategy, designed to perfectly match any budget. Contact us for more information.

Nomination is not a guarantee of award. The Golden Seal Award is not a paid promotion, every award must be earned through exemplary social media marketing leadership. 

ProSocialTools Golden Seal Award