Does Onsite Optimization Matter? Case Study – Canfield Brothers Bicycles

Does Onsite Optimization Matter? Case Study – Canfield Brothers Bicycles

This is a case study where ProSocialTools was able to take a website with no onsite optimization from “non-existent” to a Page 1 Google ranking within 24 hours.

About the Client: Canfield Brothers manufacture and sell high-performance downhill mountain bikes for professional racers and mountain biking enthusiasts. They specialize in bike frames, including their Formula One Jedi, The One, Yelli Screamy, and Nimble 9. They also have specialized components, including wheel sets, crampon pedals, a direct mount stem, and rear hub.

The Challenge: While their website at gets several thousand unique visitors each month, all of their search-related traffic came from searches containing their product names and company name. We know this based on Google Analytics. Virtually none of their site traffic was coming from terms that matched their product categories, such as “downhill bike frames” or “downhill bike components”, which meant that nobody was discovering their brand through search, only learning about it from exposure to the sport and on other websites that talk about the brand. Clearly they were missing out on a huge audience and countless opportunities to sell more bikes.

Our Analysis: Upon studying the site programming and content style, we quickly realized that the website, while attractive and very functional as an online shopping experience, did not have content or internal programming that supported basic search engine optimization practices. This wasn’t surprising, because we often run into great-looking websites (and not-so-great-looking) that have no onsite SEO. We determined that the best way to proceed would be to identify the most likely keywords that would help new customers discover their brand, then optimize their website for those keywords and key phrases.

Our Strategy: We analyzed the competition and created a list of 25 traffic-driving keyword phrases that were likely to be used by people searching for bikes used in downhill riding. We combined keywords so that shorter phrases were extended into “long-tail” keyword phrases. In other words, the long-tail phrase “downhill bike components” also include the phrases “downhill bike” and “bike components”, providing three different phrases to generate traffic from. Since their site was build on WordPress, we added two plug-ins to help with onsite content optimization. We then created a site title for the home page that embedded the long-tail phrase “high performance mountain bike frames and bike components for downhill racing”, which included several of our primary keywords. We also optimized the site by making small modifications to the content, category titles, page descriptions, and image descriptions. Then we waited to see what the result of these basic changes would be.

The Result: Inside of 24 hours, was ranking on Google’s page #1 for several of our selected keywords, and as of this writing, remains in position #2 for “downhill bike frames” and position #1 for “downhill bike components”. Their year-over-year site traffic  increased to 37% after our changes, and they continue to increase the number of new visitors to their site who discover the brand through search engines. If Canfield Brothers sell one extra bike this year, they will have more than paid for the project, and the site improvements will continue to deliver results for years to come.

Why it Worked: Search engine optimization is accomplished by having a website that is properly coded (we call this onsite optimization), and other websites providing links to that site, indicating importance (we call this offsite optimization). In the case of, they had fantastic offsite optimization with several thousand links to their site from other important websites. But because the site was not optimized for terms like “downhill bike components”, the search engines only categorized the site for the specific product and brand names.

Our Next Project: When it comes to increasing site visibility, we are experts. We can evaluate your market competition and help you formulate your keyword strategy, then implement that strategy both onsite and offsite. If your business needs to be more visible to customers, make sure your website is optimized for results.  If you would like to learn more, call or contact us today. We will provide you with a strategy, an implementation plan, and will continuously measure your site visibility with daily, weekly, or monthly reports so that you always know how  your site is performing.

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Does Onsite Optimization Matter? Case Study – Canfield Brothers Bicycles